Designing the Republic 1991–2011

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  • Architecture, design and photography in Slovenia from 1991 to 2011

    The Museum of Architecture and Design (Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje) celebrates Slovenia’s 20th birthday with its project 'Designing the Republic'. It is a creative and forward-looking contribution of the museum to the events marking the anniversary of Slovenia's independence and includes an exhibition, a catalogue and short films about architecture. The aim of this exhibition is to verify the effectiveness of approaches used in architecture and design and to complement them with photographic responses. The balance sheet of architecture, design and photography shows surpluses and good investment, highlights red figures and deficits over the past two decades and raises questions about the future.

    Almost all spheres of life, including design, have undergone a great transformation that begun twenty years ago with political, social and economic changes. The work of architects and designers has changed considerably as they have been forced to assume the role of providers of cheap and fast services delivering instant results for greater comfort. 

    Lamp "Lolita" Nika Zupanc, 2008. Photo: Maarten van Houten /source:

    Nevertheless, the period of the first twenty years of independence provides an interesting compilation of projects that have increased the variety of approaches and products with individually adapted design, and with space and objects notably acting as generators of human experience and adventure. The exhibition was prepared by an interdisciplinary group of curators headed by Matevž Čelik. The architecture exhibits were selected by Jeff Bickert, Petra Čeferin, Matevž Čelik, Tadej Glažar and Bogo Zupančič; the design exhibits by Cvetka Požar, Špela Šubic and Maja Vardjan; and the photography exhibits by Primož Lampič.

    Text by Polona Prešeren, Government Communication Office
    Photos: Museum of Architecture and Design