Year 1999

21. January 1999

Photo: Jakše-Jeršič, source: Government Communication Office

Geographic origin of the name of Lipicanec is protected

The government adopts a decree protecting the geographic origin of the name of Lipicanec (Eng. Lipizzaner).

01. February 1999

Photo: archive site of the former Prime Minister Janez Drnovšek

An associate member of the EU

The Association Agreement with the EU comes into effect, and Slovenia officially becomes an associate member of the EU.

21. June 1999 - 22. June 1999

Photo: Robert Balen/Salomon 2000, source: Government Communication Office

The USA President visits Slovenia

American President William J. Clinton visits Slovenia.

19. September 1999

Photo: Igor Mali/Delo

Second visit of Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II visits Slovenia and beatifies the Bishop Anton Martin Slomšek.

06. November 1999

Photo: Government Communication Office

Tomaž Humar climbs the southern wall of Daulagiri

Tomaž Humar climbs the southern rock wall of Daulagiri (8167 m).