Year 1997

27. February 1997

Photo: Slovenia Weekly

Janez Drnovšek forms his third government

Janez Drnovšek forms his third government; the government coalition is composed of Liberal Democracy of Slovenia, Slovenian People's Party and Democratic Party of Slovenian Pensioners (the government term ends on 7 June 2000).

23. March 1997

Photo: Joco Žnidaršič

The Great Crystal Globe of Planica to Slovenia

The ski jumper Primož Peterka is the Slovenian to win the Great Crystal Globe of Planica.

06. June 1997 - 07. June 1997

Photo: Joco Žnidaršič

Two-day meeting of CEI member states

Presidents of eight member states of the Central European Initiative meet in Piran on 6 and 7 June.

15. July 1997

Photo: Ministry of the Interior

Association agreement between Slovenia and the EU

The National Assembly ratifies the association agreement between Slovenia and the EU.

12. September 1997 - 13. September 1997

Photo: Government Communication Office

Two-day meeting of CEFTA member states

Prime ministers of CEFTA member states meet in Portorož.

23. November 1997

Photo: Joco Žnidaršič

Presidential elections are held

Milan Kučan is re-elected President of Slovenia (55,57%).

13. December 1997

Photo: Jože Suhadolnik/BOBO, source Slovenia Weekly

Slovenia to open negotiations with the EU

The Luxembourg EU Summit decides to launch the enlargement process and open negotiations with the first group of candidate countries, including Slovenia.