Slovenia Recognised by First W-European Countries 20 Yrs Ago


Twenty years ago, to the day, Germany, Sweden and Iceland recognised Slovenia's independence as the first west European countries to do so, encouraging many others to follow suit. Germany's and Sweden's recognition took effect on 15 January 1992, when Slovenia was recognised by the whole of the then European Community.

The move by the European Community, the precursor to today's European Union, was followed by many other countries, first those in Europe and then by countries in the rest of the world.

Slovenia was fully recognised as a member of the international community on 22 May 1992 when it became the 176th member of the United Nations.

Some countries had recognised Slovenia's independence earlier. Neighbouring Croatia, which declared independence on the same day as Slovenia, did so on 26 June 1991.

Following suit in the second half of that year were the new countries emerging on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Shortly before the European Community, Slovenia's sovereignty was recognised by the Vatican and San Marino, on 13 and 14 January 1992, respectively.

The first overseas countries to follow suit were Canada and Australia, on 15 and 16 January.

Russia recognised Slovenia on 14 February, but only on 7 April 1992 was that step taken by the United States, which initially had serious reservations about Slovenia's independence.


Source: STA


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