More Slovenia's Designs to Be Displayed at London Design Festival


A selection of most notable Slovenian designs of the past two decades will be exhibited at the London Design Festival between 22 and 25 September. The display, entitled "Silent Revolutions", will feature over 25 designs - from an ergonomic snow shovel to motorcycle exhausts.

Exhibition curator Maja Vardjan of the Slovenian Museum of Architecture and Design, which organises the display  said the title had been chosen to convey an image of Slovenia as a country with a rich history of design that has yet to build an international reputation, adding that some of the displayed designs were revolutionary in terms of innovation and set new standards on the global level.

Museum director Matevž Čelik expressed belief that Slovenia could be presented as a country where it is possible to find quality products and know-how in design.

The exhibition was initiated by the Slovenian culture and foreign ministries to promote the country's economy at the 20th anniversary of Slovenia's independence.

The showcase will also be displayed in Eidhoven, the Netherlands in October, while next year, it will be presented in Milan, Italy and Helsinki, Finland.

Source: STA

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Exhibition »Silent Revolutions / Contemporary Design in Slovenia« at the London Design Festival 2011, 22 to 25 September 2011