Conclusion of photography competition Picture Slovenia: 20 Years of Independence


Today is the closing day of the Picture Slovenia: 20 Years of Independence photography competition held from 5 October 2010 on the Picture Slovenia web portal. In the photography competition, 2,800 entries were submitted by 970 Slovenian amateur and professional photographers.

The panel of judges, composed of renowned Slovenian photographers Arne Hodalič, Tomo Jeseničnik, and Borut Peterlin, Primož Žižek on behalf of Picture Slovenia, and Polona Prešeren from the Communication Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, awarded the first prize to the photograph entitled Ribiča (Two Fishermen) by Robert Kruh. The second prize was awarded to the photograph entitled Zadnji žarki (Last Rays) by Darko Brenk, and the third to Jani Novak for Rezalec (Steel Cutter).

"We are extremely satisfied with the high level of response and the quality of the photographs entered to the competition. I believe that the panel of judges have done an excellent job," said Primož Žižek on behalf of the organiser of the Picture Slovenia photography competition.

"The response to the competition and the quality of photographs submitted prove that Slovenians are aware of, appreciate and feel the beauty of our country," added Darijan Košir, Director of the Government Communication Office. "Therefore, we have decided to confer the first three awarded photographs to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the President of the National Assembly at the beginning of January."

During the photography competition, the web portal registered 160,000 visitors from 57 countries, the majority hailing from Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, the United States, Canada, Luxembourg and Great Britain. 

The complete selection and awarded photographs will be published at on 24 December 2010. There is still an opportunity for visitors to the web portal to vote for the best photograph.