Umek DJ

My career is almost as long as Slovenian independence and so I've tracked the country's development through my work as well. When I began it was a post-communist country in which a new wind blew and a positive daring spirit was felt in the society. Development of democracy, economy, joining the EU were goals aimed at a better life. Much had to be developed from scratch.

The dance & electronic culture which is now an important part of the domestic culture and the media and entertainment industry is an example. Twenty years ago, the scene had a hundred people, information was hard to get by, the media knew nothing about us so we had to create our own, the nearest decent record shops were in Vienna and Munich, we had no idea how music is created, how record companies work or how events are organised.

We learned from mistakes and improvised a great deal which made us a bit different, unique and thus more interesting. We were building a scene at home and tried to made it abroad.

We created companies and projects, out of pure love for music and from youthful enthusiasm, that today provide income to many artists, creators and young experts, and give energy to the creative industry in the wider region.

Some have become serious businesspeople and creators of great stories, who move masses and inspire the young.
And what have we proven? Never underestimate the young, future-oriented and cosmopolitan people, even if their ideas seem utopian, because the country and the world can be made better only with fresh ideas and achievements which arise exactly from the most unconventional ideas. I expect from the state primarily to create conditions for development and utilisation of the youthful creative charge better than we were able in the first two decades – also because too often we were faced with misunderstanding of bureaucrats and personal distaste of individuals in power with what we do.