Jurij Souček actor

Twenty years ago, during the greatest euphoria for independence, an important Slovenian scientist said in a media statement that Slovenes would not know how to have a country. I’ve thought about him a few times. Unfortunately.

And what we celebrate today seems still just two quarrelling parties fighting for power from time to time. Just like before the Second World War with the JRZ and JNS parties. Sokoli and Orli athletic patriotic societies, conservatives and liberals, ours and yours or, as the writer Cankar famously put it “nation and people”.

As an artist, I usually respond to events with what I know and can do and I can tell you that my comment on the road behind Slovenia has been prepared as a staging of Cankar’s Kurent which I’ve adapted this year for the Mini Theatre.

Slovenia comes to look in this adapted Cankar’s text a dash more friendly than the Jerman’s monologue on servants, which is so often quoted.
There is hope.

In conclusion, people of my generation occasionally meet in hallways of health care centres where we make brief exchanges about health and politics as well.

Someone close to my age said to me not long ago while we were talking about politics: “This is not what we fought for!”
Then his daughter came to get him. He doesn’t drive anymore. When they left, I realised that I didn’t ask him for his name or inquire on which side he’s fought. Odd, isn’t it.