Jure Bricman Porcelain Catbriyur

At the time of the declaration of independence I was a student just before graduation.

I remember my personal dreams and a great trust in bright future, as it seemed as if the sky would be the limit. And, yes, a success story followed (my personal and national) as did some sobering experiences brought by the so-called transition and then came some doubt when the global recession hit.

Slovenes, as extremely hard working people, have fulfilled all expectations of the international public upon recognition of our independence. And it was a hard and complex task indeed.

As a successful entrepreneur, I have many good experiences where I, as a citizen of Slovenia, have been able to equally and constructively participate in international marketing and business processes. Even more, I’ve noticed that as I come from a small country, I am mostly welcome as an interesting if slightly exotic partner, primarily as a person unburdened with traditional thinking which in many instances enables sound international business performance.

The future? Unquestionably bright! And the following food for thought: Slovenes should finally begin to realise that membership in the elite club of the EU does not automatically mean an easy life protected by the euro as some have rather naively expected.

EU membership is a challenge where there is plenty of space and opportunities for the daring and creative who will know how to utilise what has been won hard.