Janez Škrabec entrepreneur

The periods before and after independence were truly open and dynamic. I remember how, in 1988, a month before the beginning of the Slovenian spring, we students at the Faculty of Economics prepared an open symposium entitled “Stane Kavčič and His Time” on the occasion of the publication of his memoirs, even though Kavčič was an author who could not be publicly promoted at the time. Igor Bavčar, Janeza Janša and Igor Omerza were all invited speakers, and we were all brimming with ideas and expectation.
Later in life, one naturally became less enthusiastic. Today, Slovenia is a reality.  But the spiritual capital which we then acquired from alternative thinking and tradition led me to believe that an alternative view is an advantage. It is an asset to anyone who cannot rely on the luxury of open and recognisable systems.

I know from experience that I am quite interesting in the world of business and culture in terms of geography, history and also character because I am a Slovene – and I highlight my specific traits at appropriate moments.

I always find specific characteristics -  on a personal or national level - interesting; there is an attractive aspect in every one. We should not forget that near and far are equally important, that we are whole and effective only when we have and cherish both wings and roots.