Dr. Manca Košir publicist

I like to remember those exciting times in the second half of the Eighties and the period around the declaration of independence. We had the best journalism in decades then, the most developed civil society (how could some media forget the key role of Tomaž Mastnak?), the most diverse movements, the greatest will to change the world into a democratic community of human dignity, solidarity and enforcement of human rights.

I was very active myself. As a member of the first group for spiritual movements with the Socialist Youth, as a journalist – we invented Ščuka Awards for the most far-reaching voice in moving the boundaries of freedom of thought and speech and their counterpart Siratko “Award”. It would be interesting to take another look at those deserving each of the two awards. I advocated amending the code of ethics of Yugoslav journalists and co-organised and chaired the first symposium on ethics of public speech at Cankarjev dom, which really had exquisite topics, I was one of the initiators of the Nova revija journal and until recently a member of its editorial board …

The finest memory I have of that time is from walks in front of barracks on Metelkova protesting arrest of the JBTZ four, with roses on our chests demanding to see those in charge. The idea on wearing flowers and a quite all-day walk up and down in front of the barracks was mine. And one of the members of the Committee for Human Rights Protection told me when “spying” the action not approved by the guys. “If there was war, you’d be court marshalled for this!” I hint that perhaps not all were interested in freedom for the people, some could be in it to boost their ego and gain power.

Well, my eyes are open after twenty years. But hope has not abandoned me for a moment. Slovenia is a young country, it needs time to grow and foremost people need time to see what I realised in those magical days.